Lovina North Bali Hotel

Beach Hotel

SOLD, a good running and well known beach bungalow hotel. The hotel has been running since 1999 under foreign management accommodating travelers from all over the world, and has build up a good reputation, which shows in the listings in guidebooks such as Lonely Planet, the Rough Guide etc, and various good reviews on the internet.

Not only the bungalows, but also the restaurant is praised, and has contributed to the success significantly. The laid back location, 4km from central Lovina and 5km from Singaraja makes the bungalows very suitable for diving vacations and sightseeing trips in the area. The large beach property is surrounded by rice fields, and is actually one big tropical garden with many fruit trees and flowers.

The restaurant has a capacity of about 35 people. There are 5 bungalows, with plenty of room for more, 2 with beach view, and 3 with garden view. The bungalows have 2 double beds each.

On the property is a 200m2 2 story Balinese style house, with nice views over the rice fields and ocean from the balcony. This owners house has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living and kitchen. The business is sold including the name, website and furniture.

Interested parties are invited to contact us, financial statements and history only available for those actually visiting the property.

Information here is for entertainment only, this property is not for sale through us. Data is out of date, and inaccurate. Please select one of the other categories for properties that are actually for sale, or see more of this gallery.

One of the Bungalows, Lovina North Bali Hotel, Beach Hotel
One of the Bungalows Picture shown for entertainment purposes only.
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One of the Bungalows, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Bungalow, Lovina North Bali Hotel
In the Garden, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Another Bungalow, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Beach in Front of Hotel, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Bungalow Interior p1, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Bungalow Interior p2, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Bungalow Bathroom, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Restaurant, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Kitchen, Lovina North Bali Hotel
House for Owner, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Owners House Balcony, Lovina North Bali Hotel
Office in Owners House, Lovina North Bali Hotel

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