Bukit Jimbaran Land

1 Hectare of Sloping Land

Freehold land (Hak Milik) land of in total 1.06 hectare. Owned by one family, divided into 10 certificates. Only sold together. The land is located on part of slope, in the vincinity of other developments and hotels.

The land has nice views over the surrounding valley. A nice place for building residential homes, or (homes for) holiday rentals.

Bukit Jimbaran. Close to the GWK (Garuda Wisnu Kencana) the cultural park carved out of limestone.

Information here is for entertainment only, this property is not for sale through us. Data is out of date, and inaccurate. Please select one of the other categories for properties that are actually for sale, or see more of this gallery.

Sloping Bukit Land, Bukit Jimbaran Land, 1 Hectare of Sloping Land
Sloping Bukit Land Picture shown for entertainment purposes only.
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Sloping Bukit Land, Bukit Jimbaran Land
Land in Jimbaran, Bukit Jimbaran Land
Land Overview, Bukit Jimbaran Land
Public Road Next to Land, Bukit Jimbaran Land

Ownership TypeFreehold
Total Area Are ( . Ha)
Certificates , only sold together.
NOTE! Incomplete, out of date data
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