Villa Gunung Patas

4 Bedroom villa house

This large house offers 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Living room on the first and the second floor. Special guestroom at the entrance. Carport. Garden. Unfortunately no swimming pool but a future buyer is able to build a small pool next to the house. Nice location with still some views on ricefields. Only about 10 minutes driving from the hot spots like Seminyak, Oberoi and Legian. A nice house to rent or eventually to buy.

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Front villa Gunung Patas, Villa Gunung Patas, 4 Bedroom villa house
Front villa Gunung Patas Picture shown for entertainment purposes only.
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Front villa Gunung Patas, Villa Gunung Patas
Front of the house, Villa Gunung Patas
Bedroom, Villa Gunung Patas
Bedroom, Villa Gunung Patas
Bathroom, Villa Gunung Patas
Living room on the 2nd floor, Villa Gunung Patas
Guestroom, Villa Gunung Patas
Living room, Villa Gunung Patas
Carport, Villa Gunung Patas
View from the balcony, Villa Gunung Patas

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