Sembiran House

On the beach

House in Sembiran, North Bali, about 20 minutes driving from Singaraja. The two storey house is build on a compound with other holiday houses, 7 houses in total. Land size of this house is 1,5 are (150m2). The compound has central management, handy if you want to rent out your house. The house has a large bedroom on the first floor and two smaller guest rooms, living, kitchen, balcony and of course direct access to the beach. Although the house is in good condition, it needs a little work.

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The House, Sembiran House, On the beach
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The House, Sembiran House
Beachfront, Sembiran House
Beach Pavillion, Sembiran House
Balcony, Sembiran House
Garden, Sembiran House
Houseview, Sembiran House
View from balcony, Sembiran House
Kitchen, Sembiran House
Bedroom, Sembiran House
Entrance, Sembiran House

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