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Best Views and Tennis Court

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Pool and View, Rumah Baru
Garden Gazebo, Rumah Baru
View on Ocean, Rumah Baru
Sunbed Views, Rumah Baru
Villa, Rumah Baru
Villa Terrace, Rumah Baru
Tennis Court, Rumah Baru
Villa Living, Rumah Baru
Bedroom 1 of 2, Rumah Baru
Bathroom 1 of 2, Rumah Baru
Entrance, Rumah Baru
Kitchen, Rumah Baru
Garage, Rumah Baru

A Villa in North Bali with one of the best views a Bali Villa can have. Views over the Bali ocean and rice paddies in front and the Bali mountains in the back. The two bedroom villa is build on 20 are of Hak Milik land with another 20 are leased in front of the villa for a tennis court and massage pavilion. Of course a pool to cool off. The foreign held villa has only recently been finished.

Please visit Lovina Estates for more details about this villa.

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Approximate price in other currencies : USD 370.600 - AUD 510.700 - CAD 492.700 - GBP 245.000 - SGD 520.500 - MYR 1.561.500 - JPY 45.475.000 - IDR (EUR is leading).

Land Size20 are + 20 are
Ownership20 are Hak Milik (freehold) + 20 are leasehold (tennis court and spa)
FurinishingMost included
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4.1 based on 227 votes.
EUR 349.000

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