Buleleng and Lovina

North Bali and Lovina Properties. North Bali, or better Buleleng, is quite different from the rest of Bali. Most people have heard about about Lovina (dolphins!) and Singaraja (former capital), but considering it as a place to go on holiday, or even own a villa is not something that people do first. Lifestyle is different then it is in the south, more laid back, a bit simpler. Villas and houses, and specially beach villas are usually more affordable and larger then they are in South Bali. And that is why in the North Area of Bali, especially around Lovina many expatriates have bought (or rented) Bali Real Estate.

Do you want to see what North Bali may have for you? Existing villas or new developments? (available from May 2013) Take the tour and visit us. Make an appointment by email with the contact form.

Or maybe you want to design your own North Bali Villa Plot here?.

Property in North Bali and Lovina

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