Buleleng and Lovina

North Bali and Lovina Properties. North Bali, or better Buleleng, is quite different from the rest of Bali. Most people have heard about about Lovina (dolphins!) and Singaraja (former capital), but considering it as a place to go on holiday, or even own a villa is not something that people do first. Lifestyle is different then it is in the south, more laid back, a bit simpler. Villas and houses, and specially beach villas are usually more affordable and larger then they are in South Bali. And that is why in the North Area of Bali, especially around Lovina many expatriates have bought (or rented) Bali Real Estate.

Do you want to see what North Bali may have for you? Existing villas or new developments? (available from May 2013) Take the tour and visit us. Make an appointment by email with the contact form.

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Property in North Bali and Lovina

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Pool and Bale, Villa Teratai Kalibukbuk Lovina, 3 bedrooms, Quiet Villa Teratai Kalibukbuk Lovina 3 bedrooms, Quiet
Lovina - Kalibukbuk
EUR 199.000
Owners Villa, Homestay - Hotel in Lovina Area, 8 units and owners Villa Homestay - Hotel in Lovina Area 8 units and owners Villa
Banyualit - Lovina
4.5 billion IDR
4 Apartments, Lovina Beach Walk Apartments, Four 2 room apartments Lovina Beach Walk Apartments Four 2 room apartments
Lovina Beach
EUR 259.000
Pool, Lovina House, Two Bedrooms with pool Lovina House Two Bedrooms with pool
Lovina Beach
650 million IDR
Land View 1, Lokopaksa Land, Beautiful Ocean Views Lokopaksa Land Beautiful Ocean Views
Lokopaksa North Bali
15 milion IDR per are
Project Land 1, Dencarik Hillside Villa Project, Villa Plots in the Hills Dencarik Hillside Villa Project Villa Plots in the Hills
Dencarik, Near Lovina
from EUR 200.000
Land Dimensions, Central Lovina Land, Small and Strategic Central Lovina Land Small and Strategic
IDR 1.1 Billion
Land View One, Mountain Side Land near Lovina, Great Views Mountain Side Land near Lovina Great Views
North Bali
IDR 525 million
Pool, Singaraja Luxury Home, Villa with Pool Singaraja Luxury Home Villa with Pool
Singaraja - Buleleng
IDR 3 billion
Terrace, Lovina Budget House, 3 bedrooms and Pool Lovina Budget House 3 bedrooms and Pool
Lovina - Kaliasem
EUR 87.500
View, Coffee Plantation Land, North Bali Coffee farm Coffee Plantation Land North Bali Coffee farm
Gobleg - Munduk Area
20 million - are
Teak-wood Access, Teak Plantation for Sale, 3.5 Hectare Teak Plantation for Sale 3.5 Hectare
North Bali
22 million per are
The Villa, Kayuputih Villa One, Great Views Kayuputih Villa One Great Views
Kayuputih North Bali
EUR 350.000

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