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Bali Villa Plot Design, Online

bali villa building

Here below you can name and describe your Bali Villa project. Your input remains available until you close your browser. You can add and remove objects such as villas and pools from the villa project with the pages linked above, and then place them to your liking on a land plot. There is one requirement to start building your project, you have to select land and at least one villa or guest house. All other items are optional. Use these pages serious business or just for fun. When finished, download via email and optionally ask for a price to have your project build.

Your North Bali Villa Project

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Design your North Bali Villa Plot Online!

Use these tools to create your own paradise

In this section of BPI Bali Real Estate you can create a new villa plot *online* for building in North Bali. The land plots that are listed here are real existing land plots, ready waiting for you to have your North Bali Villa build. After you have chosen the land plot, you can pick one of the existing villa designs. You can add a pool (and a jacuzzi) in the size you want, add pavillions, guesthouses, garages, carports and staffhouses and arrange them to your liking.

When you are finished, you can download your design, but you can also ask for a quote in your own currency to really build this. Ofcourse, building a villa is a bit more then putting some pictures on a plot of land, but be assured the quote you get will be real, and a starting point to have a new life in a beautiful villa in North Bali paradise.

The Villa Building Process

 1 . Optionally, give your project a new name. (see the form)
 2 . Pick your North Bali Land Plot, with the size and price you want.
 3 . Make a choice from our villa designs.
 4 . Add a pool and jacuzzi (or not)
 5 . Add a guesthouse (or not)
 6 . Add pavillions (Gazebo) (or not)
 7 . Add a carport, staffhouse (or not)
 8 . Place the villa and the other items you have chosen on your land plot.
 9 . Have your property plan and private webpage mailed to you.
11 . Optionally, ask for a quote to have your design build.

About Designing you own Bali Villa

Ofcourse we have some beautiful Bali Villa designs for you, and already more than a hundred villas have been build by us in North Bali. But you may want to design a villa yourself. There are several websites where you can design a home online. To name a few: Floor Planner and Home Styler. But if you want, you can just draw something on paper and scan it....

For us, to be able to work with your design with this online program, we a need a picture or PDF of your floorplan and we need to know the scale, of course. You can contact us with the contact form, (see the menu at the top, Contact), we will put your design in the list of villas to build. You then can design the North Bali Villa plot, and download the design, and ask for a quote.