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New Ownership

Since April 2016 this website is owned and managed by Tropis Living, builders and brokers in Lovina, North Bali, see contact page for address.

Living the dream

In a way, we are. A few people that ended up in Bali, each for a different reason, and love to be here. We all have different backgrounds, varying from carpenter to banking. I think none of us could have imagined that we were one day promoting properties in Bali, but we do.


It all started about 15 years ago, when the webmaster of this web site, a (former) Microsoft Systems Engineer, started to build web sites. While it never was his intention to promote real estate on behalf of owners, he found that, in a way, it was easier to get people interested in buying a house than in buying a website. The webmaster used to be married a Balinese. He designed a few villas for BPI clients, such as this one: A new Bali Villa

Other websites

We also use Lovina Real Estate and North Bali Properties to promote selected Bali property.

How to reach us

You can always send an email through the contact form

Our Motto

Pelan, pelan. Realism while living the dream. Be good for Bali. No BS. We are all neighbors.

BPI Bali Real Estate

April 2012

Oh, where does BPI stand for?

Its not the Baltimore Polytechnic Institute...
or the Banca Popolare Italiana ...
neither the Banco Portugues de Investimento ...
It also is not Bytes per Inch, Boolean Prime Ideal or even Beats per Inch
No Buying Power Index or Baseline Privacy Index
or the British Phonographic Industry or the Best Practice Instute
No, we used to call ourselves Bali Property Information, but we did't like it afterall..
Now its BPI Bali Real estate!..

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