Malaysian Investors like Bali

Buying property in Bali helps hedge investments

The Malaysian Star reports on May 28 that Malaysian investors hedge their investments by buying property abroad. Popular locations are New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Great Britain, but also Bali is mentioned in the article.
Quoting Mr Lee, deputy director of Colliers International Property consultants:
'Indonesia, especially Bali, is also one of the places Malaysians invest in – cash-rich individuals looking to buy resort developments, private villas and other such properties.'
'Bali's resort developments are a favourite as they are relatively cheaper compared with the other resorts in the region – for example, it is one third the price of resort properties in Phuket. We also speak a similar language.' he said.
Lee said the company was not aggressively moving into the overseas property market but rather catered to a niche market with resort properties such as the Angsana Resort and Spa in Bali.
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Buying Properties Abroad

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