Manggala Karya Kencana Award for North Bali

Nominations in 2007 for Family Planning Program

Several months ago, on August 28, 2006, Buleleng regent, Putu Bagiada, received an award, Manggala Karya Kencana award, at the center office of National Family Planning Coordinator Body at Jalan Permata 1 East Jakarta, for his success as the leader of Buleleng regency in developing Family Planning Program in Buleleng. And this year, his wife, Sayang Bagiada, as the leader of Women Organization in Buleleng is nominated to receive the award, Manggala Karya Kencana award, for her success in developing Family Planning Program for men in the 14th National Family day commemoration, which will be awarded directly by President Susilo Bambang Yudoyono, next June 29, 2007.
The head section of family planning and family’s welfare of Civil Registration and Family Planning Agency of Buleleng regency, Komang Gede, stated that the recommendation of Sayang Bagiada to receive the award was based upon the request of the Bali province National Family Planning Coordinator Body. He added, in the recent years, Buleleng regency showed its progress in terms of Family Planning program, to meet the community welfare target. Here, Putu Bagiada and Sayang Bagiada integrated 10 basic of Family Welfare and Family Planning programs into one activity, which is called Integrated PKK (Family Welfare Program) and Health KB (Family Planning Program), which is done every year.
The achievement in Family Planning program was started in 2005, when Buleleng representatives, Nyoman Suarjana and the wife, a couple from Sulanyah village, Seririt sub district, achieved the third winner of national level competition of Harmonious Family category. In this year, Buleleng also achieved the third winner of national level competition for the management of the health centers. In 2006, Buleleng achieved an award for the successful program of male contraception and the first winner of national level KB Lestari Program.
The awards were received with the support of the other agencies and the community in Buleleng. The understanding of Buleleng people for the importance of their civil data was one of the proofs. The Family Planning Program’s participants should complete themselves with several administration letters, like marriage certificate, family card, birth certificate, and others. Those administration letters are not only useful in one’s lifetime, but also after one’s death. The information in the letter can be inherited to the son, grandson, and so on. It may be the proof of the family tree.
To meet the goals or the targets of Civil Registration and Family Planning Agency, the head of the agency, I Gusti Ngurah Sudirama, has continually given information, in the form of Education and Training program, to the field extension facilitators in the villages. Even, the education and Training program is not only conducted in the agency office, on Jalan Gajah Mada Singaraja, but also in the villages in this regency. Recently, on April 25, 2007, the agency held technical guidance to improve the quality of their officers, who were spread in the villages in Buleleng. The meeting, which was participated by 157 participants, was officially opened by Ida Bagus Surya Manuaba, the regent’s first assistant, as the representative of Buleleng regent, who could not attend that program.
In the regent’s speech, which was delivered by the assistant, the regent said that although Civil Registration and Family Planning Agency has been conducting many programs to control the civil administrations, there are two main constrains to be handled. The first one is the low quality of human resources, and the second one is there is no exact regulation to support the integrated civil administration. The speech was continued by presentation of 5 presenters, which gave information in terms of the policy, birth, marriage, death certificates, the implementation of civil administration and the effect of cross-country wedding.

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