More Local Products from Bali please

Aiming to boost the agricultura lpotential of Badung

Aiming to boost the agricultural as well as the small and medium enterprise potential of northern Badung, hotels and other tourism-related industries in Bali are being urged to use more local fruit, vegetables and handicrafts.

“We have been supporting the cultivation of organic asparagus. We are aiming to assist in its marketing to various restaurants here. Afterwards, we hope to diversify our efforts to other products,” Badung Regent Anak Agung Gde Agung said recently.

Badung also plans to revive its central handicraft area known as JAS, which stands for Jagapati, Angantaka and Sedang villages. The three villages used to produce excellent handicrafts that were appropriate for use as hotel room decorations and souvenirs. Gede Agung expects to cooperate with the Bali Hotel Association and the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI) to create a market for these local handicrafts. “If these handicrafts are displayed in the tens of thousands of hotel rooms in Badung, I believe guests will be interested in buying them as souvenirs.”

The Denpasar administration also has a similar goal.
“At least 50 percent of the products used by our tourism industry should be produced locally,” said head of the Denpasar Trade and Industry agency, I Wayan Gatra.

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