Waisak, the Day of the Enlightenment

Calling for peace and harmony

Thousands of devout Buddhists living in Bali solemnly observed Waisak, the Day of the Enlightenment, for the year 2556, in several major vihara (Buddhist temples) across the island, calling for peace and harmony in the country.

Bhiksu Bhadra Bhody, the Buddhist high priest at Vihara Buddha Dharma in the Kuta area, urged his followers to follow their hearts’ conscience and to create harmonious and just lives.

“We are now witnessing disharmony in our lives as a nation—be it with political or security issues. People are easily dragged down into dealing in rumors and issues that can ruin our nation,” the priest said in his sermon on Monday morning.

Waisak, he said, marked the three momentous events in Buddha’s life—his birth, his enlightenment and his departure from the human world.

“The birth of Buddha Gautama gave so much hope for humankind, to free them from suffering, to enlighten their hearts and minds and to guide human beings to walk the path of dharma [good deeds],” expressed Bhiksu Bhody.

The Waisak celebration, which fell on the night of the full moon on May 6, started with several rituals and processions. The devotees started with the Puja Bhakti or Sang Kung ritual.

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