Luxury Resort ? Not if the youth can help it

Five youth organizations in Bali have lodged strong opposition

The youth organizations, grouped in Buleleng Youth Alliance, comprise students from Panji Sakti Singaraja University, Buleleng Hindu Students Association, students from Hindu University in Denpasar and students from STT Cana Wirata.

Putu David Sastrawan, coordinator of the youth organization, filed a petition saying that the development of the Buyan resort was against the Balinese cultural and environmental concepts.

“The areas surrounding Buyan Lake have significant historical and environmental values.” Sastrawan read the petition, which was accepted by Dewa Putu Cakra, a member of the Buleleng Legislative Council.

The petition said that PT Nusa Bali Abadi had proposed to expand its forest concession rights to manage 100 hectares of land in the Buyan forest conservation area to construct a luxury holiday resort. Previously, the company also obtained the right to develop 20 hectares of land.

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