Beggars need to go Home?

Organised begging originates in Karangasem

My former Balinese wife already told me, the beggars are organised, and they come from Karangasem. It is supposed to be some tradition as well?

Anyways, in Sanur they want to "clean them up" and they have been onto it since 2000.

from the Jakarta Post:

Favorite tourist resort, Sanur, has been chosen by the Denpasar municipal administration as the site for its pilot project for a beggar-and-street-vendor-free area, thanks to long-running efforts by the community.

Chairman of the Sanur Development Foundation (YPS), Ida Bagus Gede Sidharta Putra, said that efforts to clear beggars and street vendors from the area had been ongoing since 2000, as desired by every part of the local community.

“There were many beggars and street vendors operating in this area, which was not surprising considering that Sanur was a fast growing tourist region,” Sidharta said.

“They made us uncomfortable because there were many domestic and foreign tourists visiting the resort. We believed tourists also felt the same about their presence here.”

Sidharta said that this was the basis for a later agreement to make Sanur free from beggars and street vendors.

He stated his assurance that the agreement was not intended to make Sanur exclusive and closed to grassroots-level people, but rather to bring order to the region.

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