Booming tourism does not help all the poor

Government figures show a rising number of underprivileged Balinese

Recent government figures show the number of underprivileged Balinese has risen, leaving Bali with the second highest percentage of poor people in Indonesia, behind Jakarta.

Three hours away from Bali's holiday hotspots, the village of Ban, which lies on the slopes of Mount Agung and Mount Abang, is considered to be one of the most impoverished villages in Indonesia.

It was far more dire than I could imagine and visualise. I just realised that I'd never seen anything so bad my whole life.

David Booth, East Bali Poverty Project
David Booth, a British engineer living in Bali, first visited the village of Ban in 1998, and says what he witnessed shocked him.

"It was far more dire than I could imagine and visualise and so after three months visiting till June, I realised it was the village that needed my help," he said.

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