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Bypass Tourism

Once famous for its pristine villages and natural scenery, Bali is now embracing a new form of tourism centered around increasingly popular bypasses and ring roads.

Enlightened developers, wary of the inconsistency of Balinese culture — once known as “Unity in Diversity”— are now putting their full weight behind a “cerebral neutral” culture that involves mindless “mallscapes”, sea horse motifs and fire dances modelled on the watered-down cultural shows of Waikiki.

Budget hotels are popping up on highway greenbelts like magic mushrooms. They guarantee a mediocre, culture-neutral experience with panoramic views of some of the best traffic snarls in Asia.

Just before Christmas I spent three blissful hours in the traffic on the way from Canggu to the airport and got to see so many exciting budget hotel bedrooms — glass curtain walls are de rigeur — and gatherings of my countrymen as they struggled along the fast-vanishing adventure footpaths.....

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